Track #366: Dizzy with Eternity

366 Dizzy with Eternity

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Republicans are remarkably inept at picking their working class heroes, which actually shouldn’t be too surprising, as Republican policies are catastrophic for the working class, so only the exceptionally stupid working class American would support them. But Kim Davis was a particularly shortsighted choice for them to glorify. This woman, who has made herself into some kind of martyr for so-called “traditional marriage” doesn’t know the meaning of the term. Okay, yes, none of them do, really (traditional marriage was more of a business arrangement for most of history, and only became a romantic arrangement in the last century or two–same-sex marriage is a natural stage in its evolution)–but she’s particularly clueless, given the fact that she has had children out of wedlock, has been married four times (divorced three), has been in sexual relationships outside of marriage, had cheated on spouses…and on, and on. (Dan Savage made a valid and scathing point about her hypocrisy in The Stranger.) And yet she thinks she has some sort of moral right, let alone authority, to judge the legitimacy of same sex couples seeking marriage.

But this is par for the course of the modern Republican Party, it’s shameful to have to say. Hypocrisy has no more meaning for them, which is, in itself, hysterical, given that hypocrisy was one of the only things that truly pissed Jesus of Nazareth off, according to the New Testament. And yet, there’s alleged Christian Mike Huckabee standing on stage with his arm around this whitest of white-washed tombs, condemning those of us who believe marriage rights are rights and shouldn’t be denied to any consenting adults (even Kim Davis, who really seems to enjoy exercising her right to get married). Again, not surprising, given Huckabee’s friendships with and open defense of pedophiles Josh Duggar and Ted Nugent. (Yes, I just cited myself–self-referential is how I roll!) I wonder if he’s sent a Facebook Friend request to Jared Fogle yet.

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