Track #313: I Just Know that You’re Probably Clean

313 I Just Know that You're Probably Clean

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If you aren’t familiar with this tasty nugget, Mike Huckabee, periodic presidential candidate, said this about laws making it possible for transgender women and men to use the public restrooms appropriate to their gender. Huckabee went straight to the assumption that a transgender woman isn’t a woman who was born a man and wants to be who she really is, but rather a straight pedophile who only pretends to be a woman so he can get into girls’ public restrooms. It’s a canard, and it’s offensive. In the meantime, two people who actually have molested children–Josh Duggar and Ted Nugent–he defends and calls friends. Honestly, I don’t think there’s any shame left in the Republican Party.

When I was in elementary school, my middle brother, who was already in high school, was failing classes. As his punishment, my parents took the television away and stowed it in the pantry. My brother would get up after my parents went to bed and sneak into the pantry to watch TV late into each night, so not only was he not actually being punished for his failures, but I was being punished for doing nothing wrong (my grades were excellent).

The situation with the Duggar family reminds me of that time in my life.

What’s most disturbing about the Duggar family and their defenders have framed Josh Duggar’s crimes. After he molested his sisters, his parents “took measures” to keep it from happening again: they put locks on the doors of the girls’ rooms (but not on the door of the boy who molested them); they wouldn’t let the girls sit in boys’ laps; and they stopped hiring boys as babysitters. This last one raises all kinds of questions: if you have nineteen kids, are you telling me none of them are old enough to provide babysitters for the younger ones (although that may have answered itself). More importantly, what do boy babysitters have to do with anything? It wasn’t a babysitter who molested your daughters, it was your son. Worse, in addition to his sisters, Josh Duggar also molested their female babysitter. In fact, virtually everything the Duggars, parents and kids, have said about this at best absolves Josh of any blame, but often seems to blame the girls for “tempting him.”

Much like my parents punishing me for my brother’s failures, so the Duggars seem to have punished their daughters for having the audacity to be molested by their son.

To cleanse your pallet (or purge it), here’s the scene to which Ed is referring in panel 4:

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