It’s Okay I’m . . . About the Comic Ecdysiast:

Following in both his older brothers’ footsteps, Neal officially became a musician his senior year in high school, and he’s only gotten a little better since. Apparently incapable of mastering any instrument, Neal dabbles in as many as he can. The list thus far includes guitar, bass, mandolin, mandocello, conga drums, and kazoo. He knows the difference between the white and the black keys on the piano (one’s ebony, one’s ivory, right?).

Neal was a public high school teacher for eleven years until he was finally forced out of the profession for being far too competent. He now teaches kids to take the SATs through his company, Score 800 Test Prep, perpetually practices with his band, Ed for a Day, and, most recently, draws this strip. So far, only one of these pays any bills.

Neal currently lives in Concord, NH with his girlfriend, four cats, obscenely large guitar collection, and a growing collection of non-functioning vehicles (or as his People call them, Appalachian Roadside Art).

You can reach him at

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