Lucy Football

My heartfelt thanks to everyone who has supported our second Kickstarter! There’s still time to join this prestigious list!

Tina Aubin
Josh Colwell
Derek Bruneau
Sara Tavernise
Kelly Fitzpatrick
Bailey Ford
Susan Stearns
Franklin Rea
Rob Kelley

Thanks to everyone who stepped up and supported our first Kickstarter! Want an illustrious place on this list? You can SUPPORT us too!

In order of support . . .

Janetta McCreery
Derek Bruneau
Tina Aubin
Rob Kelley
Scott MacDonald
Sara Tavernise
Brian LaPierre
Kelly Fitzpatrick
Joshua Blanchard
Gabrielle Desmarais
jonas sabatini
Sarah Edmunds
Rosemary’s Baby
Josh Savory
Gary Anderson
Victoria Raschke
Sarah Racicot
Jarod Reinhard
Daniel Murphree
Brigitte Cook
Ben Steiger
Cindy Hawkins
Hunter Hill
Bradford Younie

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