Track #198: Can’t Seem to Get my Mind off of You

198 Can't Seem to Get my Mind off of You

New to “With the Band?” Go the the beginning of the most recent story arc here, or use the Navigation Guitars below to start at the very beginning (a very fine place to start!). We update every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

If you don’t know why Neil’s so shocked that Doc is not a doc, read (or re-read!) the story arc that starts here.

So ends “The First Gig” story arc! Clocking in at three months and thirty nine tracks, it is far and away the longest arc we’ve had here at “With the Band,” for better or worse (and let us know whether you think such a long arc was for the better or the worse). It was significantly longer than I’d planned–I didn’t expect Neil to get a concussion, which required more tracks than I’d originally intended–but I think it was a good arc. Regardless, Doc Alonso is right: we all need a break! Therefore, we’re going to take the good vet’s advice and take the rest of the summer off! So, we’ll see you back here on, uh . . . on . . . September . . . 3rd.

Well, poop!

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