Track #349: We Don’t Need no Thought Control

349 We don't Need no Thought Control

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First of all, to be clear, I mean no offense to anyone who didn’t go to college–anyone except Scott Walker, anyway; I absolutely mean offense to him. I’ve known many amazing, intelligent, and even well-educated people who didn’t go to or finish college, and there are certainly plenty of idiots who did–Donald Trump went to the Ivy League’s UPenn, after all. Still, there are a few problems with Scott Walker’s lack of a degree, however. The first is, the presidency is the most elite position in the world, and aspirants to the office really should be elite. Second, Scott Walker clearly has issues with people who do go to college, given the insane cuts he’s made to Wisconsin public education at all levels. Finally, he has the craziest Derp Face I’ve ever seen on a human being.

Beyond that, the value of a college education isn’t simply the classes and the degree. There are preciously few life experiences that even come close to what you can get at college, especially in regards to being exposed to a diversity of people, events, and experiences in general. Walker didn’t have those experiences, and he seems hell-bent on making sure only rich people in Wisconsin get to them instead.

And there’s that Derp Face. Seriously. Derp.

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