Track #367: Friendly Faces Everywhere, Humble Folks without Temptation

367 Friendly Faces Everywhere Humble Folks without Temptation

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At first I felt sort of bad about how I’ve portrayed Kim Davis and her husband–especially her husband–here. While it’s true that in the screen captures I took from her press conference he definitely looks like a buck-toothed Jethro, I’ve seen more recent pictures of him in which he doesn’t look quite so Extra-from-Deliverance (and he definitely didn’t have a banjo, so, that’s on me). However, I went with it for a particular reason: fashion.

When I first saw Mrs.(^4) Davis at her press conference, I thought that she was still wearing her prison scrubs–orange may be the new black, but maybe teal is a close second? However, I’m pretty sure the hippy skirt she wore with it was not correctional-standard. My second thought was, wow, I’m sure her Republican handlers advised them on apparel, and I would assume that would have been something like “Sunday best.” So that’s their Sunday best? Hippy prison scrubs, straw hats, and overalls? Wow. Just…wow. And they think gay marriage is disrespectful of God. But my third thoughts arrived soon after: her handlers absolutely advised her and her husband on their clothes–that’s what handlers do–and those clothes were their advice? The implication that she was still wearing prison duds makes a sort of cynical sense, but the overalls and straw hat? Really? Jethro Bodine is the image they wanted him to project? But here’s what’s even more cynical: his overalls clearly had never been worn, let alone washed, before. Those weren’t their clothes at all. They were purchased for them just for the occasion. I’m honestly not sure which would be sadder, if those really were their Sunday best, or if they were selected by the Republican PR machine.

Either way, fuck those guys. I feel no guilt about slapping a banjo on that hypocrite.

And this was the best episode of “South Park” ever! And Disintegration is the best album ever!

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