Track #371: For All the Evil Schemes I Pull

371 For All the Evil Schemes I Pull

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Once again, Megyn Kelly shows that she is one of the few anchors at Fox News with true journalistic integrity.

I’m just fuckin’ with ya! No way she called Ted Cruz on his bullshit!

Seriously, I grow ever-disgusted with the Right Wing and their hypocrisy. Fox News and Ted Cruz himself pushed the story for years that Barack Obama was not legitimately the president because his father was not an American citizen (true, he wasn’t), and he was born in Kenya (even saying this has been repeatedly proven false–which it has–gives it more dignity than it deserves). Ted Cruz’s father was not an American citizen, and Ted Cruz actually wasn’t born in the U.S.–he was born in Canada. Yet no one on the Right ever mentions that when Cruz is out pretending to be a presidential candidate. And the fact that he questions the Constitutionality of anything anyone else says is laughable.

To be clear, I’m not saying that Ted Cruz isn’t eligible to be president. I’m not the Supreme Court, so I don’t know. The requirement, according to the Constitution, is that a candidate be a “natural born citizen.” That has most often traditionally been described as a citizen born on American soil, but that definition has never been tested in the courts. So, it’s possible that the Supreme Court could ultimately decide that you can be born anywhere in the world, as long as one of your parents is a U.S. citizen, but then again, they might not. What is so disgusting about the Right Wing, and specifically the Birthers, is that they not only presume to know what “natural born citizen” means, but they assume that reality will conform to their twisted prejudices. And prejudice it is. If you deny the fact that saying President Obama isn’t a U.S. citizen isn’t racially motivated, then you are either a liar or painfully ignorant of American history. Questioning citizenship has long been a favorite tactic to use against African-Americans. The Fourteenth Amendment was a direct response to that very practice.

My point is, Republicans and their propaganda machine, Fox News, repeatedly fail to hold their candidates and representatives to the same “standards” as they hold their enemies, and that’s the kind of hypocrisy Jesus of Nazareth ascribed to “white-washed tombs.”

On a lighter note, I’d love to see the Groupie Squirrel go all Squirrelverine on Ted Cruz’s ass!

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