Track #369: Where’s the Streetwise Hercules to Fight the Rising Odds

369 Where's the Streetwise Hercules to Fight the Rising Odds

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So, there’s no evidence that this story actually happened. If it did, there was never any police report, which the Baltimore police have confirmed. The truly amazing thing about this story is that, whether it’s true or not, Ben Carson thinks it makes him look good. He told it to lend credence to his insane assertion that victims of shootings are in some way responsible for their fates, as they could just gang up on and rush the shooters. Let that sink in: he thinks this story makes him look good. Ben Carson may be even less qualified to be president than Donald Trump is. But it’s a close call.

As I mentioned before, one of my former students has published a novel. I’ve read it. I liked it. You should buy it. There’s a link to get it on Amazon at the bottom of this blog.

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