You Flew Your Lear Jet up to Nova Scotia

005 Flew Your Lear Jet

First of all, to be fair to Scott Brown, this was not his helicopter, nor was the chopper provided (so far as I know) by a lobbyist or political supporter. Also, the event was a fundraiser for a Child Advocacy Center, which is also a commendable cause.

This is not scandalous because it reveals Scott Brown as a .01% jet-setter who commutes in a private helicopter (Brown’s rich, but he’s not Romney-rich), it’s scandalous because Brown’s entire political career, such that it is, is built on the carefully crafted myth that he’s a “man of the people” populist, a myth that’s is embodied in his famous pickup truck. Taking a quick hop in a huey is hardly consistent with this claim, no matter the cause or context.

Ultimately, though, the problem is that Brown is neither a New Hampshire native nor a resident. Yes, he technically has the right to run for senate in NH because he owns a house in Rye (one of the wealthiest areas in the Granite State, by the way), but that doesn’t make it either right or smart. After all, in keeping with his Everyman status, Brown also owns a home in Aruba. Does that mean he should run for the Dutch Parliament?

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