What Is It? It’s It!

071 What Is It, It's It

New to “With the Band”? The current story line starts here.

The first time I ever saw anyone do the “not it” gesture, I was in college. Needless to say, that first time I was definitely “it.” In fact, I never really got the hang of it, and was pretty much “it” every time, a fact to which my friend Victoria can attest.

On a more positive note, just a few hours before this posting, our Groupie Squirrel Kickstarter reached its funding level! Everything from here on is gravy, but some fine, rich, Southern gravy it is! There are some great t-shirt designs in the Stretch Goals, so keeping Pledging, and get the word out to your friends about all the low fat goodness at “With the Band” and “Groupie Squirrel”!

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