We Sat around the Pile, We Sat and Laughed

075 We Sat around the Pile, We Sat and Laughed

Thus concludes “The Principal of the Matter” story arc (which begins here, if you missed it). Friday we get back to full-frontal nerdity, with a rare X-Men/Harry Potter hybrid and a slightly new page layout! So be sure to check in Friday!

Years ago I saw a shuttle van drive by me in New Orleans. The side of the van must have said “HOTEL BARD” or something similar, but I only caught a glimpse of it, and what I saw was “HOTARD”. That struck me as simultaneously hilarious and WRONG, and I’ve wanted to use it ever since. I honestly hope it doesn’t offend anyone too much, but it’s the kind of thing a teenager would say, and it fits “Dr. Vandemar” perfectly, so there it is. I MIGHT make it into a t-shirt someday, though I’m not sure anyone would wear it. Opinions?

Speaking of t-shirts, if you like Neil’s t-shirt, you can get one of your own by supporting our Kickstarter!

Finally, the game Neil and Ed are playing is a new game from Steve Jackson Games called “Castellan.” It’s an awesome game–you should all check it out. If you like it, do me a solid and buy it using one of the links below–I’ll get a small kick-back! We may see more from Steve Jackson Games next week as the band embarks on a new adventure!

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