Track #99: Let’s Begin Again

099 Let's Begin Again

Thus concludes the current story arc, “Yrth of a Hero.” (If you’re new to “With the Band” you can start “Yrth of a Hero” here, or start at the very beginning–a very nice place to start–here!) Thank you for indulging my nerdier tendencies. I hope there was something for everyone, even the non-gamers among you, to enjoy. I also hope that a few of the non-gamers among you might give a role-playing game a try! Just find a better GM than Rob, if you can.

Friday is an important milestone in the life of “With the Band.” Not only is it the last strip before the holidays, it is also the 100th track! So don’t miss us on Friday. I’ve got something very special for you!

Here’s another close-up of the miniatures, rearranged to reflect the explosion of the Fireball from Track #97. This one affords a better picture of the Squirrel mini.

099 Let's Begin Again Minis

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