Track #97: You Shake my Nerves and You Rattle my Brain 097 You Shake my Nerves and You Rattle my Brain

New to “With the Band?” The current story arc, “Yrth of a Hero,” starts here!

So, Gregg’s stunt changing his skin color to Goblin green with a Dye spell was something a player actually did in my campaign. A combination of cleverly applied Fast Talk skills, lucky rolls, and the simple expedient that it was so damned funny, got Corenth-the-ADHD-Fire-Mage through with relatively little personal bodily harm. (Corenth was also the one who Fireballed the Zombie Cosplayers–he was endlessly entertaining, our Corenth.)

Sadly, they’re too small to really see in the strip, but I actually spent a lot of time making miniatures of the characters for the battle mat (I did NOT, however, spend any time attempting to make a hex grid for the battle mat–even I have my limits). Of course, looking at the careful detail of the minis next to the pathetically lazy circles I use for dice says way more about me than I care to admit. Anyway, in the interest of not letting my time to go completely to waste, here’s a close-up:

097 You Shake my Nerves and You Rattle my Brain Minis

Most of these are based on actual miniatures produced by Reaper Miniatures, who produce the hands-down BEST gaming miniatures in the world! If you game and you don’t use Reapers, you’re seriously missing out. They even have a squirrel mini!

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