Track #83: I’m too Sexy for My

083 I'm too Sexy for My

GURPS has a skill, “Erotic Art.” The first time I saw that, I thought, “Hunh! That’s oddly specific.” I genuinely wondered why Erotic Art was its own skill, rather than just a subset of Art. “There’s an entire skill for drawing sexy pictures?”

In my defense, I started playing GURPS when I was in 8th grade, and I was a decidedly repressed 8th grader (uber-conservative, Southern, born-again family–the whole nine yards), so it just never occurred to me that sex could be an “art,” though since then I’ve modified my view of the subject quite a bit. Even after I got older and more experienced, the idea was so locked in my head that I still didn’t get it, long after I should have. Even a later rules revision that shifted Erotic Art from being based on Dexterity to being based on Health didn’t clue me in. If anything, it deepened my confusion (“What does Health have to do with drawing good picture?”).

I’m not sure when I finally had my epiphany (I am the undisputed king of late epiphanies), but it was sadly not that long ago. But the part that I find the most embarrassing about the entire story is that, when I decided to work it into “With the Band,” the only character for whom this misunderstanding would be at all believable is the clueless, asexual stoner, X.

Now I’m sad. I think I’m going to go draw some more nude Dwarf pics.

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on “Track #83: I’m too Sexy for My
One Comment on “Track #83: I’m too Sexy for My
  1. Sir… you NEED to read Terry Pratchett’s Discworld series, in which there is a great deal of well written and very logical material regarding dwarf culture…

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