Track #623: But You See More than I

623 But You See More than I

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Several people told me that Friday’s track was a fitting tribute to my cat Simon, who died last Wednesday. It was thoughtful of them to say, but I don’t think it’s true–that was more of a fitting tribute to my paradoxical atheism and desire to believe in magic and The Force and such. Plus, Simon was one of the nicest cats I’ve ever known, and would never call anyone–fictional god or otherwise–a “dick.” So, today (and tomorrow), I want to live up to those readers’ kindnesses and compliments. Today’s and tomorrow’s tracks really are, I think, fitting tributes to a wonderful cat whom I miss (and tomorrow’s also to a complicated cat who entertains me).

In recent months, Simon was drinking a lot of water (he was seventeen and his kidneys were slipping). At one point, for reasons I don’t recall, we put a water bowl in the kitchen in addition to the one in the cat room. This bowl we filled from the filtered faucet in the kitchen, as opposed to the other, which was usually filled from the bathroom sink. Simon decided unfiltered water wasn’t for him, and if the Special Bowl wasn’t filled, he’d politely but persistently let us know.

A couple of days after he died, I noticed that Simon’s Special Water bowl, which normally needed to be filled a couple times a day, was still full, and I burst into tears. But I also thought of this strip. And it’s true: I DO keep expecting to see him wander into the room, or sleeping just out of my sight. He was such a gentle, unobtrusive cat (unlike his brother, Greymalkin), that it’s easy to forget he’s not sleeping in a box in the craft room. One problem with having Attention Deficit Disorder is you periodically notice reality again, and it’s often unpleasant.

Bonus Simon track tomorrow, so check back in 24 (or less). Thank you for indulging me.

Simon Ladder

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