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The New York Times just published a puff piece about Ivanka Trump and her moderating influence on her father. Where is this elusive unicorn? Just this week, he signed EOs making it easier for “Christians” to discriminate against members of the LGBTQ community, will let churches be explicitly political without losing their tax-exempt statuses, and celebrated the passage of Wealth Care in the House. What would he have done without her alleged “moderating influence?” Concentration camps?

For that matter, where’s the evidence that Ivanka is a moderate at all? During the campaign, she made a point of how “pro-women,” “pro-children,” and “pro-family” (in other words, “feminist”) she and her father are, but recent reporting by the liberal rag Fortune shows that, before she was forced to, she resisted even providing maternity leave for her employees. Feminism, for Ivanka Trump, is nothing more than empty branding (more on this next week).

Okay, so the White House does’t have a long tradition of celebrating May the 4th/Star Wars Day, but 45 did just cancel the White House tradition of celebrating Cinco de Mayo. That may be the most intellectually honest thing he’s done as president so far, given his bigotry against Mexicans.

Regarding my repeated insinuations that Donald and Ivanka Trump have an incestuous sexual relationship (insinuations that still leave me feeling dirty and guilty, despite the fact that there’s evidence to support them), the author of the Times piece, Jodi Kantor, told Rachel Maddow that Jared “Mr. Ivanka” Kushner told her that the Donald and Ivanka frequently go behind closed doors together with no one else present. Hunh. (More on this next week as well!)

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