Track #571: Our Guts Are Filled with Their Lies

571 Our Guts Are Filled with Their Lies

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If you pay even passing attention to the news, you know what I’m mocking here. If you like science fiction, old movies, or Charlton Heston, you know how I’m mocking it.

And for the record, the Obama “Muslim ban” that the Trumpeteers keep harping on was nothing of the sort. After two Iraqi refugees were caught plotting an attack, President Obama ordered the vetting process for refugees from Iraq strengthened until a review of said process could be conducted to find out how they got through. Unlike the Trump ban, it didn’t have an exception for Christians, it didn’t negate green cards. What it did do was increase security in reaction to an actual credible threat, not a blanket overreaction to no credible threat at all.

But hey, what use are pesky facts?

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