Track #568: And I Have Earned My Disillusionment

568 And I Have Earned my Disillusionment

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For the record, I’m not a Patriots fan, and I think Tom Brady is kind of an ass. But consider that Brady was suspended for four games for “Deflategate“–the terrible crime of having slightly deflated footballs. Maybe that’s a significant enough crime to merit a four game suspension; I honestly don’t really know. However, compared to other infractions by NFL players, it’s just ridiculous. The Cowboys’ Greg Hardy got four games for domestic violence, free agent Jonathan Dwyer got three days for the same (not an unusual punishment for not an unusual crime in the NFL). The Bills’ IK Enemkpali got four days for punching and breaking the jaw of another team’s quarterback in a locker room brawl. Clearly, equivalent to deflating some balls. Wikipedia’s list is pretty telling.

Similarly, I know so many people, both Republicans and Democrats, who are convinced of some truly absurd things about Hillary Clinton.

Abscess Update: the pain has receded, but now I have a gaping, bleeding crevasse in my lower jaw that catches bits of food like a lobster trap.

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on “Track #568: And I Have Earned My Disillusionment
2 Comments on “Track #568: And I Have Earned My Disillusionment
  1. In some fairness, though, those other people were suspended for engaging in terrible behavior off the field, in ways that have nothing to do with football itself. They were essentially punished for being bad role models.

    Brady was being punished for cheating at the game in question.

    It’s a question of focus. Cheating is much more important to the authorities that regulate the game than the personal lives of the players.

  2. Did you look at the source? This is more a reflection of my choices of example (or rather my laziness, as I didn’t spend a lot of time “researching” said examples) than it is on the differences in infractions. The Lions’ Ndamukong Suh got 1 game for intentionally stepping on another players leg (on the field, mind you)–which was later reduced to a fine. Several players were suspended for “Repeated violations of the leagues player safety policy.” Most got one day, one (that I noticed–I only went back about five years) got three. In fact, pretty much the only people who have got more than four day suspensions are players CONVICTED of crimes (a Cowboy got 10 days for being convicted of MANSLAUGHTER–I still can’t figure that one out). A notable exception as the infamous New Orleans Saints “bounty program,” in which bonuses were paid for injuring opposing players on the field. Only two of the four players suspended got more time than Brady for the oh-so dangerous Deflategate. One got eight games, one was suspended for a whole season, so I guess that kind of supports your point–oh, wait! They were all overturned later!

    Brady’s an ass. I’m not a fan, and I don’t defend his actions (beyond saying that, while it seems likely he was involved in deflating the footballs, this doesn’t seem to have been proven beyond a shadow of a doubt). But I don’t see how any objective analysis can conclude that his suspension was proportional to his infraction.

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