Track #565: Mississippi Moon Won’t You Keep on Shinin’ on Me

565 Mississippi Moon, Won't You Keep on Shinin on Me

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Actually, now Blackwater is called Academi–they haven’t been called Xe since 2011–but Xe is just too ridiculous a name not to use. So, as of this writing, Betsy DeVos was confirmed by the Senate 51-50. It’s the first time the Vice President has had to break a tie on a cabinet confirmation in American history, a fact about which Kellyanne Conway bragged, for no discernible reason. DeVos and Prince come from a family of born-again billionaires (two families, actually), which clearly didn’t result in them developing ethics.

Abscess Update: ow.

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on “Track #565: Mississippi Moon Won’t You Keep on Shinin’ on Me
2 Comments on “Track #565: Mississippi Moon Won’t You Keep on Shinin’ on Me
  1. It’s also worth noting that Eric Prince is no longer associated in any way with Blackwater/Xe/Academi. They kicked him out to avoid prosecution.

    So he went to another country and founded a clone company doing the same thing with less regulation.

    What I’m saying is, your idea has merit.

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