Track #563: When I Bit off More than I Could Chew

563 When I Bit off More than I Could Chew

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Abscess Update: abscesses fucking hurt! I haven’t been able to do any stripping all week, until yesterday. Fortunately, this strip was all done except for the text, so it wasn’t too taxing. The next strip is only drawn, but hopefully this weekend I’ll be able to finish it. I’m scheduled to get the tooth extracted Monday, so we’ll see how it goes from there.

“My Way” is a bizarre choice for first dance, which is supposed to be an expression of the First Couple’s love. “My Way” is not a love song (unless you expand the definition to include “the greatest love of all,” according to Whitney Houston–self-love). The opening line, however, is strangely apropos for Trump’s America.

On a side note, I am more and more convinced that Donnie and Melania are on the outs (or I’m at least hopeful that they are–the alternative seems to be that she’s a hostage). This week we learned that Melania will not be living in the White House with Her Donald, amid rumors that they are, for all practical purposes, separated. I predicted more than a year ago that he might become the first president to get divorced while in office. I hope for Melania’s sake that I’m right.

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