Track #562: If You Go a Million Miles Away I’ll Track You Down

562 If You Go a Million Miles Away

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My friend Brian died suddenly and unexpectedly earlier this weak. This is my lame memorial for him. I met Brian through the family I gained when I worked at Barnes & Noble in Manchester, NH right after college. The first thing I learned about Brian was that, when the store first opened, he snuck a Superman standee on the roof, and that’s always my default impression of him: hilarious and fearless (it may not seem that courageous to anyone who’s never worked for a large corporation, but they don’t generally have good senses of humor about such things).

Despite the fact that this strip hinges on the idea of an afterlife, I don’t actually believe in any sort of afterlife, and, as far as I know, neither did Brian. I do, however, believe in the immortality of literature. Brian had just recently self-published his first novel, along with three short stories. You can buy them all for Kindle at Amazon. If you like science fiction, please go and buy and read his work, and if you like it, encourage others to do so as well. You can both contribute to the a good man’s legacy and to his family’s well-being.

Rest in peace, Brian. You’d make an awesome Kryptonian.

Superman Barnes and Noble

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