Track #560: A Woman on the Radio Talked about Revolution

560 A Woman on the Radio Talked about Revolution

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Most of Donald the Trump’s dialogue is verbatim from Donald Trump’s inaugural speech. I did, however, move the subtext to the text, and this speech was loaded with subtext. For instance, why would he say we’re at “the birth of a new millennium?” For one, we’re not. We’re seventeen years into the new millennium. The new millennium will be a legal adult next year. The new millennium can already drive and see R-rated movies without the accompaniment of the old millennium. And even if it were the beginning of the millennium, why phrase it that way? Why not “the dawn of a new millennium?” That’s much more poetic, and far less creepy, given President Trump’s position on reproductive rights. It makes no sense. Unless you’re familiar with white supremacist code. People whose ears are sensitive to this code heard “Birth of a Nation” (a silent lauding the rise of the Ku Klux Klan and originally titled The Clansman) from “birth of a new”. It was a message to a certain segment of his cult of personality, a message that he is on their side.

The same is true of “national pride” and “America first.” The subtext of “national pride” is absolutely “white national pride,” and “America first” was historically the slogan of a faction of American Nazi-apologists before and during World War II.

In his defense, though, Donald Trump (and Donald the Trump) has done one thing to become more presidential (or as he would say, “precedential”): he switched to a blond toupee.

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