Track #539: Time to Give Electoral Dysfunction Another Try


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Hillary Clinton won this election, just as Al Gore won in 2000. This is factually indisputable. The thing about the Electoral College is that the Founders put it into place, rather than an actually democratic popular vote, in anticipation of someone like Donald Trump (or George W. Bush, for that matter). That is, they didn’t trust the American people to always make good decisions, so they left those decisions ultimately in the hands of the elite. If a catastrophically unqualified candidate like Donald Trump were to win the popular vote, the Electoral College could act to save the Republic. This, too, is fact.

So, here’s the thing: you either argue for the Electoral College, in which case you can’t say shit if the Electoral College were to take the extraordinary action of awarding their votes to Hillary Clinton, to forestall the manifest disaster that is “President Trump,” or you acknowledge that the Electoral College is a relic centuries out of date, and that we need to abolish it post-haste.

I’m not advocating overturning Trump’s election–as terrified as I am about a Trump presidency, I think the long-term damage such an act would have would possibly be comparably disastrous–but to argue for the Electoral College and against it overturning the results of this election, as Trump has done (on Twitter, of course), is intellectually dishonest. I know. Shocking.

It’s going to be a long, dark four years, but we’ll be here, speaking truth to power and mocking those that would abuse it. I at least look forward to taking the ride together.

My band, Ed for a Day, has a gig in Wilmot, NH, November 19th. See the Facebook Event here. If you go to the show, you might hear the title of this track. Just sayin’ . . .

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