Track #537: Of Everything that Stands, the End


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This is a totally unbiased prediction of what the Clinton/Trump Americas would look like. Totally unbiased.

Thus, we come to the end of “With the Band’s” Daily Experiment. Hopefully. I mostly kept up with it, but, wow, that was exhausting. I kind of wish I’d run strips on Sundays as well, since, had I done so, Track #538 would have fallen on Election Day, which would have been cool for us political junkies.

Anyway, we’ll be back on Friday, and back to our Monday-Wednesday-Friday schedule next week. A side effect of this is that I’m going to hit my strip quota (phrasing, Lana!) early this year, which is good, because I’d like to take more than just a week off. But there’s a downside: several weeks in December sans strips. So, I’m putting out a new plea to the Witherverse for Guest Artist strips! You don’t have to be a professional cartoonist, or even any good at drawing (clearly I’m not–look at those Matrix battery pods!), just have a funny idea. Contact me about how to send them to me, when I need them, etc.

My band, Ed for a Day, has a gig in Wilmot, NH, November 19th. See the Facebook Event here. If you go to the show, you might hear the title of this track. Just sayin’ . . .

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