Track #520: God in Man, Man from Ape


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Thus ends the current story arc, “Home James!” This is a story I’ve wanted to tell for six years, and I’m pretty proud of how it’s turned out. I’m especially proud of the fact that Tim Booth and James have been following the story on Twitter. Tim Booth has addressed it directly, even saying that loves the way I draw the band (though he doesn’t specify whether he means James or With)!

I realize that I’m more than a little star-struck by this, but it is seriously cool. I’ve loved James since a friend put “Sit Down” on a mix tape for me in college, and my band has covered their songs before (and will again, I’m sure).

So, my thanks to Tim Booth and James for being such good sports! I forgive you, Tim, for wounding my wrist in 2010, but if you ever want to make up for it, I won’t say no! (My band’s playing November 19th, and we could use an opening act!)


My band, Ed for a Day, has a gig in Wilmot, NH, November 19th. See the Facebook Event here.

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