Track #509: Let’s Get into Physical


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On his appearance with Dr. Oz last week, Donald Trump claimed that he prefers fast food because “at least you know what they are putting into it” (what are his private chefs putting in his food at home?), and that he gets exercise from giving speeches. “I am up there using a lot of motion. These rooms are hot like saunas. I guess that’s a form of exercise.” Yeah, he’s all over those stages, making weird hand gestures and flipping back and forth to look at his teleprompters.

At some point, people are going to realize, this guy is out of his fucking mind.

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One Comment

on “Track #509: Let’s Get into Physical
One Comment on “Track #509: Let’s Get into Physical
  1. Unfortunately, most of his supporters are also out of their minds. Our lack of treatment for the mentally ill has finally come back to bite us.

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