Track #506: Rising up to the Challenge of our Rival


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I’ve been called out by a couple of Withers, and rightly so, for my use of the word “pussy,” on Facebook and in the Comments below. Their points are valid, and I absolutely agree with them. I don’t like the word “pussy” as a pejorative (nor do I like the word “bitch”)–it’s inherently sexist, and paradoxical and inexact, as its connotations of weakness and cowardice have no connection in reality to female genitals (or cats, for that matter). However, there are a couple of reasons to use it here: one, the invisible reporter is a character–he (he’s certainly a he) isn’t me. My characters don’t always share my values. Two, other words lack the comedic punch and the connotation. Three, and most importantly, while I would neither use nor take the word as an insult, Donald Trump, and his followers, absolutely would. Calling Trump a “chicken” or a “coward” lacks the same impact, because to a misogynist like Trump, being compared to female genitals is the worst thing you can say to him. In that sense, he IS a “pussy,” by his definition of the word. He plays this New York tough guy act, but every time anyone challenges him, he gets whiny and combative, then either backs down or acts like it didn’t happen.

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on “Track #506: Rising up to the Challenge of our Rival
2 Comments on “Track #506: Rising up to the Challenge of our Rival
  1. I’m just going to go on record as objecting to the use of the term “pussy” here. It’s terribly misogynistic.

    Also, I’ll reference a quote from the great Betty White: “Why do people say “grow some balls”? Balls are weak and sensitive. If you wanna be tough, grow a vagina. Those things can take a pounding.”

  2. I object to it as well. It IS inherently sexist. However, it also conveys the point better than can otherwise be managed, and is something that would insult Trump the misogynist. Much like Bill Maher’s calling Trump a “whiny little bitch” (I also dislike the word “bitch”), calling Trump a “pussy” is effective, not because I consider it an insult (I don’t–love the Betty White quote) but because HE does.

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