Track #505: Tell Me Black and White, Why I’m Here


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The Wikipedia entry on Dog-Whistle Politics has an illuminating quote from Lee Atwater, the so-called father of modern Republican politics and Karl Rove’s mentor.

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on “Track #505: Tell Me Black and White, Why I’m Here
4 Comments on “Track #505: Tell Me Black and White, Why I’m Here
  1. I’ve seen this meme going around, and there are several problems with it.

    First, and most obviously, Kaepernick and Trump identify WILDLY different reasons why this nation is not great.

    Second, Trump wraps himself in the flag and talks about how this country has been betrayed by liberal Democrats. Kaepernick points at the anthem as a symbol of what the problem is. These are radically different.

    Third, the two men are proposing very different solutions. Kaepernick is asking people to be more cognizant of institutionalized racism, and follows it up by wearing socks depicting pigs in cop uniforms. Trump is asking people to expunge the troublemakers and give everyone better jobs, to roll the country back to the 50s. Only one of these plans actually proposes to, well, make America great again.

    They really are only saying the same thing on the shallowest level.

  2. Well, for one, I don’t know what “meme” you’re talking about (and those things aren’t memes)–this was my own observation. For two, this is a comic strip that portrays Donald Trump as a Hutt. How deep a level do you need the comparison to be? 😉

    That said, I know you are aware that white privilege is a huge part of the difference as well.

  3. Not sarcastic.

    I’m referring to the infobite that Kaepernick’s objection to honoring the anthem and Trump’s assertion that we need to “Make America Great Again” are somehow equivalent. That’s like saying that a two year old saying “Daddy, I need to go” and an eighteen year old saying “Dad, it’s time to leave” are the same thing. The words are pretty close, but the meanings couldn’t be more different.

    And of course white privilege is a huge part of it. In point of fact, white privilege is pretty much all of it. Because white privilege is explicitly what Kaepernick is protesting, and explicitly what Trump is promoting. So the fact that white privilege favors Trump is hardly surprising.

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