Track #498: Unless You Just A-Want Some More

498 Unless You Just A-Want Some More

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There are times when my wit is lightning quick and I whip out the perfect one-liner. This was not such a time. There are other times when I should just shut the hell up, both because the joke I’m attempting to yes-and is better without my contribution, and because my wit is so quick, it ends up being a bit of a dumbass.

The Kinsey Scale, if you don’t know, is a scale meant to measure where a person is on the heterosexual/homosexual spectrum. A 0 means 100% heterosexual; a 6 means 100% homosexual; a 3 being evenly bisexual. The Holtzmann cosplayer we saw whipped this joke out, and it was hilarious. Then I had to open my big dumb mouth and tell her that Ghostbusters made me a little more gay. Hopefully she left just thinking I’m stupid, not that I’m some kind of MRA jackass hating on the movie.

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