Track #493: Somethin’s Got a Hold on Me

493 Somethin's Got a Hold on Me!

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A young lady at the local drug store, upon seeing my Squirrelverine t-shirt, told me about the “Squirrel Deck” in Magic: the Gathering. I did some research (read: asked my Friends on Facebook), and learned that this is, in fact, a real thing. Apparently, there are a number of squirrel cards in Magic, and a deck loaded with them can quickly overwhelm almost any other deck build. I guess. I haven’t played magic since the first couple of years of its inception, when the first expansion, “Ice Age,” came out. I was working at a camp in Maine at the time (which I won’t mention by name, because the owner is a dick and doesn’t deserve my endorsement). I discovered that, not only could I not win against decks built with Ice Age cards, I couldn’t even come close. I quickly realized that this was going to be a money pit of epic proportions, so I gave away my cards and never looked back.

I wouldn’t say no if someone were to give me a Squirrel Deck, though. Those sound kind of awesome. I’d even give you a Squirrelverine t-shirt in exchange.

We’re going to be at next weekend (August 12-14). Actually, we’ll already be there when you read this. If you’re there–here–stop by the Cospace (a special cosplay room–long story) and say “hey!” You can give me my Squirrel Deck while you’re there. Here. Whatever.

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