Track #492: Oh, the City’s Desire to Take Me for More and More

492 Oh, the City's Desire to Take Me for More and More

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With one exception, I haven’t addressed Bernie Sanders’ candidacy in “With the Band.” Rather, I’ve used Joshua ben Joseph–Jesus–as a surrogate Sanders. Thus, it is Josh who gives his concession speech to Hillary Clinton. Honestly, I agonized over it. It would have been fun to have President Christ in the Witherverse these next four years, but I think there will be plenty for him to do outside of the Oval Office, and, unlike Sanders, Clinton and Josh probably won’t have enough in common to connect them satirically. Thus, Joshua ben Joseph, the Son of God, ends his campaign for president. I blame his father’s endorsement for his loss.

I voted for Bernie Sanders in the primary, I campaigned for him, I gave what little money I could spare. That said, while I wish Sanders had won, I’m perfectly fine with Hillary Clinton as the nominee–she’s brilliant, she’s capable, and while she’s more conservative than I would prefer, she’s tough as hell and will make a very good president.

So, I’m not really sure what Sanders supporters who are upset with his endorsement expected him to do. Run as a third party candidate? Unlike Jill Stein, Sanders understands the realpolitik quite well. While he and Clinton have significant differences, they have WAY more in common than they do not. Of course he endorsed her. She will not be a bad president, from his perspective, and she will be WAY better than Trump, which really shouldn’t have to be said.

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