Track #486: A Lack of Originality Couldn’t Focus on the Day

486 A Lack of Originality Couldn't Focus on the Day

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In one sense, Melania Trump’s plagiarism isn’t that big a deal. This sort of thing happens to politicians fairly regularly. But in another sense, here was a non-American woman who married a billionaire (or millionaire–who really knows) to get a green card. Her English was surprisingly bad (this was the first time I actually heard her, and I was a bit shocked by how weak her English is). Her husband has spent the last several years saying horrible things about the Obamas, accusing President Obama of being a secret Muslim, a traitor, and of not being a “real” American. So the fact that Trump’s immigrant spouse stole ideas from the American president’s American wife. The irony is way too thick for Trump’s tiny-fingered brain to get around.

I admit I’m not totally comfortable making fun of Melania’s accent–after all, she can speak at least two languages, which is one more than I can–but again, Trump makes fun of how disabled people talk and regularly attacks immigrants and “foreigners,” so, really, that makes it hard to argue that Melania’s Zsa Zsa Gabor impression might be off limits.

Drawing her like Oola from Return of the Jedi? I’m so okay with that.

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