Track #469: A Pretty Face Can Hide an Evil Mind

York 469 A Pretty Face Can Hide an Evil Mind

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I had this argument with the guy who designed Munchkin Marvel Edition, Andrew Wolf. He maintains that the Goblin Glider bonus against goblins doesn’t count against Norman Osborn, even after my rather brilliant argument about the use of the Unmasked card. However, that was when we were playing with his copy of the game, and the owner of the game is the final word on all rule disputes, so suck it, Andrew! (Just kidding. Andrew’s awesome, and not only did he make a great game, he has been incredibly generous answering my annoying questions about rules.)

The “Game of Thrones” post-show on “Black Face, White Place” is up and playable. Check it out, but be forgiving of my brain-farts regarding a couple of names. I’ll keep you all posted about the podcast about this strip.

We’re going to be at Northeast Comic Con June 18th-19th; and my band, Ed for a Day, will be playing the Tilton/Northfield Old Home Day in Tilton, NH on June 25th, from noon to 1:30. Come see us if you’re around for any of those!

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