Track #466: I Stuff My Face with Chimichangas, Tacos, and Beers

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This strip is entirely true, except for the existence of a Jamie Madrox/Multiple Man card, because, while I realize that he isn’t exactly an X-Man, he is primarily affiliated with the X-Men, as well as the Fantastic Four (in which he first appeared). I had to simplify the explanation for the sake of space. You try fitting this much dialogue into such a small strip!

Depending on the resolution of your computer or device, you may or may not be able to read the Deadpool’s Taco Truck card. What it says is, “You want my help? You gotta rip this here card up and use the pieces to spell out ‘taco’ in 1 minute or less. If you can, I’ll give you two levels. Fail, I got nothin’ for ya!” So, now you get one more of the jokes. Personally, I won’t follow this rule to the letter–there’s no way anyone’s going to tear up one of the cards in my deck, especially a hard-to-get exclusive promo . . . with Deadpool! My House Rule: if it’s your card in your deck, go crazy. Otherwise, it’s just a GO UP 1 LEVEL card.

So, the “Game of Thrones” post-show on “Black Face, White Place” that I recorded on Monday suffered a fatal file corruption (truly I have a gift destroying technology–worst super power ever), so I’m going back to the Black Place within a White Place to re-do the podcast. I’ll keep you all posted.

I’m going to be running a demo of the awesome SJGame Chez Geek (which I think is even better than Munchkin, if you can believe that!) at Double Midnight Comics here in Sunny Concord, NH, at 2:00 Saturday, June 11th. I still have a few Munchkin promos from the Munchkin Marvel demo I did a couple of weeks ago, so anyone who proves they’ve read this comic (and blog) by saying to me, “I’ma gonna spell it out for ya,” will get one of said promos (including a possible Deadpool’s Taco Truck!), while supplies last.

We’re going to be at Northeast Comic Con June 18th-19th; and my band, Ed for a Day, will be playing the Tilton/Northfield Old Home Day in Tilton, NH on June 25th, from noon to 1:30. Come see us if you’re around for any of those!

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on “Track #466: I Stuff My Face with Chimichangas, Tacos, and Beers
2 Comments on “Track #466: I Stuff My Face with Chimichangas, Tacos, and Beers
  1. How late do you anticipate the Chez Geek going? I’m out of work at 1:30 and can be there 2:30-ish. Will there be more than one hand/round/ game?

    And I am RIGHT there with you re: ripping up any rare-ish game card!

  2. Marvel Munchkin a few weeks ago ran until 6:00. As long as people are playing, I’ll be there. Within reason. They close, eventually.

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