Track #463: Like Drinking Water Instead of Wine

Almozara 463 Like Drinking Water Instead of Wine

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Cheerwine is a soda/soft drink bottled in North Carolina that isn’t easy to get outside of the South. Recently a friend brought me a 12-pack from Atlanta, and shortly after I discovered that there is a grocery store in Bedford, NH, about half an hour south of Concord, that carries it. Like Neil, I fell to my knees and gave thanks to the Universe and bought myself a case. If you’ve never had Cheerwine, and you like sweet cherry-flavored sodas, you should absolutely find one. They’re sublime. In New Hampshire you can get it at Fresh Market in Bedford; elsewhere you can order it online at Cheerwine (though the shipping costs are steep).

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on “Track #463: Like Drinking Water Instead of Wine
3 Comments on “Track #463: Like Drinking Water Instead of Wine
  1. This. So very this. I’ve had this reaction. Cheerwine has become pretty common here in DC, thankfully.

    The best way I can describe the taste is to imagine Cherry Coke. How it has, say, 80% Coke flavor and 20% cherry flavor. Now reverse those proportions. Cheerwine is 80% cherry and 20% Coke flavor.

    Avoid the diet version. It’s terrible.

    Now I need to go find some.

  2. It’s closer to a “cherry Coke” a bartender might make you (a Roy Rogers?) than a Cherry Coke is. It’s SOOOOO good! Now if I can only find some Cheerwine sherbet!

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