Track #458: With Your Feet in the Air and Your Head on the Ground 458 With Your Feet in the Air and Your Head on the Ground

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This was a gag I thought of way back during the Bush Administration for a potential t-shirt. At the time, I thought that George W. Bush was the absolute low point of Republicans backing a completely stupid candidate. Then we learned about Sarah Palin. And now, they’ve completely trumped even her.

And for the record, I mean no disrespect to Mr. Reagan or Mr. Heston with regard to the horrible disease that afflicted them. This isn’t about them. It’s about a party that doesn’t care if their leaders’ mental faculties are compromised, because intelligence and rationality–thinking in general–is simply not a virtue to them. Think that’s too harsh? Ronald Reagan was already displaying symptoms of his disease and the damage it was doing to his mind as early as 1983, and yet the Republican Party ran him for president in 1984 without disclosing this fact. They willfully got elected to the highest office in the world a man who literally was not in his right mind. That is, arguably, the greatest fraud that has ever been perpetrated against the American people, and possibly the world.

EDITOR’S NOTE (5/23/16): The first version of this track included a quote from George W. Bush that I discovered, a few hours after publication, he didn’t actually say. Of all the hundreds of incredibly stupid things President Bush actually said, leave it me to find the ONE that was made up. Anyway, this is one of my two favorite quotes from him, and the one I would have used originally, but it’s kind of long. However, it also has the advantage that I know he said it because I heard the speech in which he said it myself.

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