Track #452: The Years of Care and Loyalty Were Nothing but a Sham It Seems

Sarrià-Sant Gervasi 452 The Years of Care and Loyalty Were Nothing but a Sham It Seems

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Almost there. Still some residual cough. Only took two weeks. Bleah.

This strip was inspired by a couple of things: one, was Donald Trump getting attacked by a tame bald eagle for a Time Magazine photo shoot; the other was him getting the shit scared out of him by a protester. I love “tough guys.” When push comes to shove, they almost invariable turn out to be such fragile little scrotes.

And for the record, Sam, the bald eagle trump describes as “dangerous” at the end of this video, is twenty seven years old, blind in one eye, can’t fly, and has trouble standing up straight. Yeah. Trump’s going to protect us from ISIS.

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