Track #443: I’m Your Average White Suburbanite Slob

Niederkassel 443 I'm Your Average White Suburbanite Slob

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Some more actual quotes from Drumpf.

When I was in college minoring in Native American Studies, and unsurprisingly beginning to adopt terms like “Native American” rather than “Indian,” a Cherokee friend pointed out, “Most Indians don’t care whether you call us ‘Indians’ or ‘Native Americans.’ ‘Native American’ just makes it sound like white people actually know where India is.” Political correctness protects bigots from sounding so unbelievably stupid.

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One Comment

on “Track #443: I’m Your Average White Suburbanite Slob
One Comment on “Track #443: I’m Your Average White Suburbanite Slob
  1. Oh, I love that framing of political correctness.

    I’m also a HUGE fan of the Gaiman Conversion: Replace all instances of “political correctness” with “treating people with respect”. It does an amazing job of exposing the actual intent of complaints about being “PC”.

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