Track #436: A Snap Shot in the Family Album

Besuki 436 A Snap Shot in the Family Album

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Beware of Squeelob the Spider!

The facts in this strip are all essentially accurate: Trump does keep changing the estimates of what the wall will cost, independent and conservative estimates are around $26 billion, assuming that it can actually be built at all, which isn’t necessarily a given, and $26 billion is a little more than 2% of Mexico’s GDP of about $1.2 trillion. The entire idea is patently absurd. For a much more thorough (and funny) analysis of Trump’s plan, check out John Oliver’s evisceration on “Last Week Tonight.”

For the record, I mean no disrespect to Ivana Trump–lord knows she suffered being married to Donald Trump. But Donald the Trump’s attitude toward her is almost certainly not far from Donald Trump’s, given the lovely things he’s said about her and done to her over the years. And I’d bet my left kidney that Trump still pays her substantially to not talk about him, especially since her allegation that he had raped her, and her subsequent retraction of that claim. I’d be interested in hearing her verdict on the “small hands” controversy.

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