Track #431: I Tend to Round Three Fifths to a Whole

431 I Tend to Round Three Fifths to a Whole

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The “Original Intent” school of Constitutional interpretation is fundamentally and demonstrably insane, for a variety of reasons. At the top of that list is the “three-fifths clause” that established that a black Americans count as three-fifths of a white American. And that was absolutely what the Constitution “originally meant.” Make no mistake, Republicans believe this shit.

And if the Constitution is NOT a “living and breathing document,” as Marco Rubio contended in this debate (and none of the other candidates disputed), then, doesn’t it stand to reason that they think the Constitution is, ipso facto, dead.

If, in fact, Ben Carson had a “three-fifths clause” regarding his speaking time in his contract with CNN at this debate, he got screwed.

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