Track #426: We’re Seven Drunken Pirates

426 We're Seven Drunken Pirates

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I’ve been working on this idea for a while, but I couldn’t sort out the problem of Sloth. I have no doubt that Donald Drumpf is an inherently lazy person–the man’s never worked a real day in his life–but that’s something he can hide easily, and certainly wouldn’t admit. By the time I sorted that out and reached an appropriate moment in the story arc, someone had beaten me to the joke. But, if you’re going to get, ahem, “trumped” by a comic stripper, it’s not so bad if it’s Garry Trudeau. Note that he had to sort out Sloth as well. For the most part, I prefer my punchline, though “Satan is pretty low-energy” is bloody hilarious.

For the record, these are all actual quotes, and with the exception of a couple, which I tweaked for length, not context, are taken verbatim. The man is vile excuse for a human being. Were he (still) claiming to be a Democrat, the Christian Right would be condemning him until they were blue in the face.

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on “Track #426: We’re Seven Drunken Pirates
One Comment on “Track #426: We’re Seven Drunken Pirates

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