Track #422: From the Mouths of Decadence

422 From the Mouths of Decadence

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Josh has a hard time grasping politics in general, let alone such broken politics as superdelegates. He’s also not entirely clear on what the “chips” are in fish’n’chips. Omniscience has its limits.

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One Comment

on “Track #422: From the Mouths of Decadence
One Comment on “Track #422: From the Mouths of Decadence
  1. Super-delegates are mostly just party favors handed out to favored Dems to say “Of COURSE we think your opinion matters…”

    But as seen with Clinton vs Obama, the super-delegates are very unlikely to vote against the popular mandate. I’m pretty sure that if the DNC basically stood up and said “oh, hey, the primaries are really just for show, we’ll take care of actually picking the candidate” that voter turnout in the general would be at an all-time low. And we might have riots at the convention again.

    I could be proven wrong. Lord knows the GOP has fooled me enough times this election cycle.

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