Track #421: If I Find You Been Creepin’ ‘Round my Back Stairs

421 If I Find You Been Creepin' 'Round My Back Stairs

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I originally saw this claim attributed to Tila Tequila, but after I drew this strip, I tried to find the exact quote–and apparently she never said it. Her crazy is more of the “flat earth” variety. Ah, well, it’s my universe, and in the Witherverse, Ms. Tequila said it.

A line I found particularly strange in The Force Awakens was when Finn tells the Resistance how Starkiller Base is powered: “It uses the power of the sun.” So . . . it’s a solar-powered ray gun?

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on “Track #421: If I Find You Been Creepin’ ‘Round my Back Stairs
2 Comments on “Track #421: If I Find You Been Creepin’ ‘Round my Back Stairs
  1. That’s cool! Duke Energy is truly a terrifyingly evil company, but hey, Hitler is responsible for the VW Bug, so I guess unintended consequences can be good as well.

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