Track #417: We Await the Might of the Darkest of them All

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So, shortly after I started this second iteration of “With the Band” in April 2013, I had the idea that Lord Sauron would make the perfect Republican candidate for president. So I started a years-long story arc of him running for the Senate, becoming a senator, then running for president. Having the Dark Lord from The Lord of the Rings seeking and receiving the Republican nomination for president of the United States was satirical platinum!

Then, Donald Trump shocked by actually running for president, rather than just talk about it the way he has every election year since 1988. Even more shocking, he wasn’t laughed out of the race like any rational political party would have, but rather, he actually started to win Now . . . well, my brilliantly laid satirical plans are in the shitter because there’s nothing that Lord Sauron could do or say that could possibly be more outrageous than what the actual Donald Trump has said and done. Even Sauron’s own Dark Lord, Morgoth, didn’t want to screw his own daughter, and he’s a myth!

Anyway, who knows what’s going to happen in this race–I’ve long given up trying to predict what new madness Republicans will support next. This is how satire dies, with thunderous applause.

Broken Strings

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One Comment

on “Track #417: We Await the Might of the Darkest of them All
One Comment on “Track #417: We Await the Might of the Darkest of them All
  1. Funny or Die recently released a mock “made for TV” version of Art of the Deal, starring Johnny Depp as The Rump.

    I heard an interview where they had to keep rewriting it because they couldn’t keep up with the absurdity of his actual quotes.

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