Track #407: Yeah, a Door Left Open, a Woman Walking By

407 Yeah, a Door Left Open, a Woman Walking By

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In case you don’t know this already, the stormtrooper who guards Rey in the interrogation room is designated JB-007 and was played (uncredited) by none other than Daniel Craig! You can tell by his trademark baby blue Bond trunks.

I’m not much of a martini drinker myself, but I have it on good authority from those who enjoy them that martinis should properly be stirred, not shaken. I don’t know myself, but Rey implying that James Bond is a wanker amuses me.

The spoilers are getting super spoilerry over the next few tracks, so get yourselves to a theater and see this movie already! It’s been five weeks since release–it’ll only be in theaters a couple more months, people!

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on “Track #407: Yeah, a Door Left Open, a Woman Walking By
One Comment on “Track #407: Yeah, a Door Left Open, a Woman Walking By

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