Track #403: We Tease Him a Lot, ‘Cause We Got Him on the Spot

403 We Tease Him a Lot Cause We Got Him on the Spot

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We lost another great this week. Alan Rickman was one of the greatest actors of his generation. The first time I saw him was in a little known, small film called Closet Land. It’s a hard movie to find anymore (my copy is a weird foreign region DVD I found on ebay years ago), but if you can find it, see it. Don’t read reviews, don’t read a synopsis, don’t even read a cast list–any of them can spoil this movie–just see it blind. You won’t be disappointed.

Credit where it’s due, today’s gag is thanks to Wither (and Patreon supporter) Joan. After seeing The Force Awakens, she pointed out to me that Kylo Ren’s hair looks like that of John Travolta’s character from the 70s sitcom, “Welcome Back Kotter.”

For the next few weeks “With the Band” is going to be about Star Wars: The Force Awakens, and will contain a few minor spoilers (very minor, given that the movie in the Witherverse doesn’t entirely match the movie in our ‘verse). In a couple of weeks, they’ll start to contain some major spoilers, so, if you haven’t seen the movie by then, well, you probably aren’t a big enough fan to be bothered by spoilers, honestly. Still, you have been warned, so get on it!

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