Track #391: Gonna Dress You up in My Love

391 Gonna Dress You up in My Love

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And so, the long nightmare of The Great 2015 T-Shirt Protest comes to an end! Thanks to these good folks, our Patreon has reached its first Milestone, and Neil and Rob can go back to wearing shirts. This is a good thing. We live in New Hampshire. It’s December. They were getting cold.

Seriously, though, while the $25 Milestone was obviously a joke (it is a comic strip, after all), I can’t tell you enough how much I appreciate your support. And please, if you like “With the Band,” become a Patron and help keep it going. The next Milestone is a serious one. At $50, WtB goes to four posts a week with our Throw Back Thursday posting of “With the Band Classic” strips from its original run in the 90s.

Broken Strings

(Yes, I made versions of this with a shirt and without! I’m a professional!)

(Okay, this is creepy: immediately after I posted this picture of Neil begging for strings, my Facebook page reloaded with an advertisement selling Ernie Ball guitar strings.)

Banner Green

It’s almost time for Star Wars: The Force Awakens! Know what would be the perfect thing to wear to the premiere? A Mouse Star t-shirt from the Groupie Squirrel Tee Store! Those other, lesser Holidays are also rapidly approaching! Know what would make the perfect gift for Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa/Solstice/Hogswatch/Festivus for the Rest of Us? A shirt or sweatshirt from the Groupie Squirrel Tee Store!

We are increasing our presence on Twitter, so if you like the strip and use Twitter, please Follow us and share our posts! Apparently the number of Followers and shares means something.

Please check out the Groupie Squirrel Store above and below. If you like the comic, and you like one (or more) of the shirts, then please help us keep the comic going by buying an awesome t-shirt! And I just finished the design for a new shirt that’s going to be the best of the bunch! And here it is!

Groupie Squirrel Tees 4

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