Track #383: You Had the Grace to Hold Yourself

383 You Had the Grace to Hold Yourself

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I have a number of stories from my time as a high school teacher, many of which I have every intention of turning into comic strips (you can read a couple of them here, here, and here). This is one such story that I’ve had sitting in the wings for a one-shot someday. The real life Jack in this strip was a former student of mine named Zach. Tragically, he died a few years ago, far, far too young. His younger brother, Jared, also one of my old students, died in a car wreck on Wednesday.

So, I’m telling this story–one of my favorites–about “Jack” in honor of the memories of Zach and Jared. I can’t imagine what their mother is going through. To lose one child is a nightmare beyond comprehension; to lose two . . .

She needs help. She has a Go Fund Me to raise money to pay for Jared’s funeral. If you have the means, and feel so inclined, please consider helping her out. The last thing she needs to worry about right now is money.

Rest in peace, Jared and Zach.

As I mentioned before, one of my former students has published a novel. I’ve read it. I liked it. You should buy it. There’s a link to get it on Amazon at the bottom of this blog.

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