Track #360: And Then Before You Know Where You Are, You’re Sayin’ Goodbye

order clomid online uk 360 Before You Know Where You Are You're Sayin' Goodbye

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John Boehner is a weeper. It’s actually one of the things I like about him, but I wonder how someone as obviously emotional and passionate as he is can espouse such heartless policies as he has. i’d like to think that Pope Francis had something to do with John Boehner reevaluating his life–and then resigning from Congress.

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on “Track #360: And Then Before You Know Where You Are, You’re Sayin’ Goodbye
One Comment on “Track #360: And Then Before You Know Where You Are, You’re Sayin’ Goodbye
  1. This is apparently very close to how it actually went down. And now he’s on record as saying that working to defund ACA is a terrible idea, and he never agreed with it. He just caved to pressure from his party.

    I’m very worried about who will replace him.

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