Track #357: As I’m Getting Older, Chip up on My Shoulder

357 As I'm Getting Older Chip up on my Shoulder

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Sorry this track was a few hours late–I came home with major con-lag last night, so I went straight to bed rather than finish this. Speaking of con-lag, we had an amazing time at Vermont Comic Con this weekend. Next to Boston, this was our most productive con yet, despite the fact that it’s the smallest of our regular cons, and it’s only the second year it’s run. Attendance was excellent, and, moreover, attendees were actually willing to support the artists by making purchases. If you aren’t aware (and most people aren’t), with the exception of special guests, the artists and vendors have to pay for the privilege to set up a table at cons, and it isn’t cheap. More often than not, attending a con is a net loss for the artists (Boston and this year’s Vermont are the only ones we’ve made it into the black so far), especially when you factor in travel, lodging, and food. So please support your favorite artists by buying their awesome swag!

Speaking of supporting artists, our latest Kickstarter is almost halfway done, and, let’s be honest, it’s not doing well. At this rate, it’s going to fail, pretty spectacularly. I’m really proud of my latest shirt design, and I so want to make it a reality, but I just don’t have the money to do it alone. Everyone who’s seen the design has liked it, especially Game of Thrones fans, but that hasn’t translated into support for the campaign. This comic is free to you all, and it will remain so as long as I make it, but it isn’t free for me to make. I have to buy art supplies, pay for software and hardware upkeep, as well as pay for web hosting and domain registration, to say nothing of the fact that it takes hours to make (start to finish, five to eight hours for each strip). Selling t-shirts is one of the ways I offset those costs. So, please, please, please, if you like this shirt (or any of my shirts), pledge your support and get one for yourself and/or a friend or three (they’ll be ready in plenty of time for Christmas!). If you don’t like awesome t-shirts, there are several other awesome rewards you can get, and I’ll be adding a few more in the days to come, so go to Kickstarter and check out all of the rewards.

As i was finishing this strip, I ate what is likely the last homemade salsa–I mean, “salad”–with ingredients from our garden. It’s a very sad day. Winter is Coming.

Our new t-shirt is ready to print, and our new Kickstarter is live to make that happen! If you like “With the Band,” and you like the new t-shirt (see below), you can support both by supporting our Kickstarter!

We are increasing our presence on Twitter, so if you like the strip and use Twitter, please Follow us and share our posts! Apparently the number of Followers and shares means something.

Please check out the Groupie Squirrel Store above and below. If you like the comic, and you like one (or more) of the shirts, then please help us keep the comic going by buying an awesome t-shirt! And I just finished the design for a new shirt that’s going to be the best of the bunch! And here it is!

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